Liu Yang

When interacting with jewellery, Yang's creations skilfully capture the essence of "sensations," guiding the audience on a unique sensory journey. Her passion lies within the mineral realm, with a particular focus on those rock families often marginalized by the market, overlooked and forgotten. Yet, Yang discerns their uniqueness, their intricate coexistence in nature. Through the use of 3D-printed silver, meticulously carved wax, and imperfect gemstones cut by CNC technology, Yang brings forth a captivating collection of jewellery pieces. These creations reveal cracks, inclusions, and irregular details, drawing inspiration from modern architecture. They exhibit structures that are simultaneously primitive and orderly, dramatic yet resilient, immersing the audience in a world ripe for exploration and wonder. Yang's jewellery transcends mere ornamentation; it is a sensory experience, an expedition into emotions. As the audience interacts with these pieces, they can feel the texture, weight, and temperature, intertwining tactile sensations with the visual allure of jewellery. Simultaneously, these works evoke deep emotional resonance, from joy and confidence to a profound attachment to specific pieces, or even stirring more complex and intense emotions. By eschewing conventional symmetrical and refined designs, Yang embraces the primal forces of nature. Her creations resonate with the theme of "Sensations," eliciting a wide array of sensory experiences and emotional connections in the audience. These pieces transcend the boundaries of jewellery, inviting viewers on a sensory adventure and prompting profound reflections on the relationship between urban life and the natural world.

Liu Yang is a jewellery designer from Xinjiang in China. The mineral treasures of her home region inspired Liu's interest in exploring the nature of mineral aggregates to broaden the opportunities for creating organic and geometric jewellery. In pursuit of a deeper understanding of minerals and gems, Liu completed her undergraduate degree in gemmology in Moscow before joining master’s degree in design – ceramics, furniture, jewellery at Central Saint Martins in London.