Kristina Drnovšek

Sun and Moon

For all of eternity, the Sun and the Moon have chased each other around the world in the hope of sharing the same sky, even if only for a brief moment. But once in a while, when they finally meet, the whole world stops as they kiss. The moment passes and their dance continues.

A series of rings represent eclipse – the kiss between the Sun and the Moon. A set of two rings, one with a Sun motif and the second with a Moon motif, are locked in a kiss when stacked together, but can also be worn separately or shared with a loved one.

Kristina Drnovšek entered the world of jewellery after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, when she learned her first goldsmithing skills during her apprenticeship with designer Martina Obid Mlakar. After learning the art of jewellery making from Slovenian jewellery designers and goldsmiths, she later enrolled in a jewellery school Metallo Nobile in Florence, Italy. Her love for jewellery design and crafts set the designer on a creative path. Since 2020, she is self-employed in culture as a designer. She participates in group exhibitions and projects. Her work was presented independently for the first time at the first edition of Slovenian Jewelry Week with a mini-exhibition of her jewellery collection World of Insects, for which she received a Recognition Award for young designers from the Designers Society of Slovenia.

IG: Kristina Drnovšek Jewellery oz. kristina.jewellery