Karin Herwegh

Karin is an established artist who creates poetry in carved wood.

More and more, my work is becoming a kind of personal visual report on the things and issues I care about. The fact that I can simply use a piece of wood and a knife to create contemporary work makes me feel independent from modern technology. The designs are not fixed beforehand, each necklace is made within its own whimsical logic. I decide on shape and size while I carve the wood, every stroke of the knife leads to the next. When ready, the separate elements are linked together, and following a certain theme, narrative or memory, a composition is formed. This way, the experience of the making is made apparent to the viewer, although the cultural and historical references in the piece can be read and interpreted in di¬fferent ways. For me as an artist, it is more interesting to place question marks than to provide answers. The works are open to be appropriated by the imagination of the viewer.