Julie Usel

Immersed in the fantastical, these jewels create a tactile wonderland. As you wear them, feel the fluidity in design, dancing with your every move, reminiscent of the playfulness of fish scales or the sun's reflection on a rippling sea, offering a touch of magic adorning your neck. The lively interplay of light and colour sparks curiosity and draws attention effortlessly. It causes a sensation! These pieces evoke feelings of whimsy and enchantment. The fantastical creatures they conjure transport you to a realm of childlike fantasy, bringing daydreams to life. It's not just jewellery; it's a sensorial feast, inviting touch, sight, and imagination to converge in an extraordinary experience.

I am a Swiss jeweller based in Geneva.
I hold a MA in Jewellery from the Royal College of Art (London) and a BA in Design and Jewellery from the University of Art & Design (Geneva).
I won awards, including “Le Prix d’Excellence” from The Hans Wilsdorf Foundation (Rolex) and The Swiss Federal Design Grant.
My jewellery was included in international galleries such as Design Week Mexico, The Goldsmiths' Centre (London), Galerie Marzee (Nijmegen), Studio 2017 (Sydney), Museum Bellerive (Zürich), Museum of Art and History (Geneva), Gallery Deux Poissons (Tokyo), SO Gallery (London), MUDAC (Lausanne) or Talente (Münich).
My latest work has been recently exhibited at the Venice Design Week, the Parcours Bijoux in Paris and with The Precious Collective in Münich.