Jasna Hrovatin

Collection: nature as inspiration and co-creator of jewellery
The jewellery pieces presented are connected by a common thread: co-creation with nature, where nature is the inspiration and co-creator of the design solutions.

Jasna Hrovatin, Coral Symphony, necklace
The central element of the jewellery "Coral Symphony" is made up of variously sized pieces of coral, which connect our emotions with the memory of the sea. Most people associate the sea with the sound of the waves, with relaxation and with the colourfulness of life in the water, which is symbolised by the jewellery presented. When we put on the jewellery, the crashing of the corals against each other makes a gentle sound reminiscent of the sound of the sea.
The necklace is also adorned with two turquoise beads with a distinctive turquoise colour and a natural, slightly reticulated pattern. Turquoise is a talisman of good luck, success and creativity. It is an excellent crystal for meditation. It has a calming effect on our feelings and puts us in a harmonious state.

Jasna Hrovatin, Turquoise Harmony, earrings
The basic element of the earrings is a turquoise-coloured shell in three different sizes. The rounded edges of the individual elements make them pleasant to the touch, despite their pointed shape.

Jasna Hrovatin, Lirična reka, necklace
A softly falling and undulating necklace, reminiscent of the meanders of a river, telling romantic stories full of passion and sentiment.

Jasna Hrovatin graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in 1987 under Prof. Niko Kralj. She received the Uniles Prize for her diploma thesis. After graduating, she took a job as a young researcher with Prof. Kralj. She obtained her Master's degree in 1990 and her PhD in 1993, making her the youngest doctor in Slovenia and the first woman to obtain a PhD at the Faculty of Architecture. After completing her PhD, she joined the Faculty of Biotechnology, Department of Wood Engineering. She has lectured at the Faculty of Forestry, ALUO and at the doctoral programme of the NTF. Since 2009 she has been working at the Faculty of Design as Vice-Dean for Research and Head of the Chair for Furniture Design. She is involved in interior design and design. She has won numerous awards at furniture fairs, as well as prizes and awards at national and international competitions. She has exhibited in Ljubljana, Belgrade, Cologne, Copenhagen and Frankfurt. She has 8 European designs and 7 patents. She has written 3 scientific monographs. For her monograph Niko Kralj she was nominated for the Plečnik Award and the "Trend" Award.