Jana Seliškar

With this collection, I polemicise the feelings of the average modern man. Do we even feel what we see anymore? I start from the fact that jewellery can be a communication between the wearer and the environment. It can express a status symbol, a religion, a subcultural affiliation, etc. Can we then also express false feelings with jewellery? In the modern world, we are surrounded by a flood of information, including about the horrors that are happening around us. I wonder whether we are still moved by information about wars, crimes, ecological disasters, etc.? Are our reactions sincere, or are we only superficially, almost hypocritically, expressing our concern? The empty rhetoric of modern Messiahs, with which we wash our hands like Pilate. We feel only as much as we allow ourselves to feel, the modern self-crowned egoists with our cloaks. The collection is a reflection of false concern. The crown with the capes, the streams of tears on the earrings and the necklace of the modern saviour with Noah's Ark. The choice of material (plexiglass) is deliberate, as it further underlines the "fast, plastic, consumable". The pearls of the necklace symbolise the aspiration to wealth and superficial beauty.

Born on 9 November 1978 in Kranj. Graduated from the Secondary School of Design and Photography as a fashion designer. Graduated from ALUO, major in sculpture. She works as a designer in various fields: fashion, graphic and industrial. Her creative path is a conglomerate of design, craftsmanship and artistic (sculpture and illustration) expression.