Inés Bonadeo Nueva Joyería

Since very little growing up in the farm in Sierra de la Ventana (Buenos Aires, Argentina) I’ve always collected fallen leaves, moss, branches, stones, cactus, bones and all sorts of treasures on my way. I used to collect, classify, draw and use these as presents for my beloved ones. Leaving that environment in my early adolescence, the deep need of contact with nature took me to always want to carry some of these elements with me as a reminder of the feeling of nature.

I am Inés Bonadeo, 36 years old jeweler based in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I design and create jewelry since 2012, when I started a jewelry design course with María Médici while studying Communication Sciences at UBA (University of Buenos Aires).

At first, it was all about having a hobby and keeping my hand busy. After experiencing life at the working space, dust and creating volume that could be worn, my vision of the future life style changed completely. I became apprentice of Oscar Bocassi, my teacher and very close friend nowadays, from whom I learned to love the step-by-step processes.

When I started producing my own pieces, the possibility of creating talismans inspired by and made of these treasures became real. I started jewelry mobilized by the desire to weld and be able to create wearable volume. As soon as I was able to work on my own, I realized that I loved design as a way of life and specially a workshop as a space for inhabiting and creating.

The brand was born from the aspiration to combine the purest geometric lines learned in geometry classes with the imperfect and harmonic forms of nature. It is in that limit and balance where I like to design and thus give shape to objects that are usable.

Before entering the jewelry universe, I was personal assistant to Marta Minujín, Argentinean pop artist working worldwide since 1950´s. She inspired me to work very hard, define a style of my own and learn to manage my career. Having this amazing woman as a mentor has always been a motivation for constant innovation and research.
I created the jewelry brand in 2014 and since then, we´ve been creating, producing and travelling with our creations. Let´s point out some highlights …

•    NEW YORK NOW. While still having the working space at my mother´s house.
•    Feria Internacional de Artesanías 2013 (Córdoba, Argentina)

•    Soy Luna (Disney Latam/Europe) Double charm necklace for the main character.
•    MIAMI FASHION WEEK. I travelled along with other 8 Argentinean designers.

•    MILAN INTERNATIONAL FAIR. Series Pangea was selected and travelled to Italy.
•    BUENOS AIRES FASHION WEEK. Collab with HOMC (2015) and URENKO (2017).
•    Hybridus Latinoamericansis necklace was selected as finalist in the 1st Latin-American Jewelry Biennale at Museo Popular J. Hernandez (CABA, Argentina).

•    FaunaFuego. we developed a series of portable objects called Fauna Fuego along with Javiera Yañez Correas, glass-artist and dear friend.
•    FERIA PURO DISEÑO (2018/2019). Buenos Aires, Argentina.
•    The series Pinche was awarded with the Sello del Buen Diseño. In nature sharp and rough protects something beautiful and valuable.

•    Terra Incognita (Disney Latam/Europe) Ouroboro bracelet and a hidden box inside a book where the bracelet could perfectly fit for
•    Mojigata. Costume design and production for rockstar Marilina Bertoldi´s tour.

Currently part of Not Just a Label ( Pieces are sold at Big Bang store at Faena Hotel in Miami (Florida, USA) and at Curatoria, a selection of handcrafted accessories and goods from all over our country (Argentina) and at the studio.