Igor Kalita

The Fairy Flowers collection invites you to immerse yourself in the world of magic and emotions that flowers evoke. Inspired by the beauty and diversity of nature, each piece of jewellery in this collection is the embodiment of the emotions we feel when our eyes meet their splendour. Whether we are celebrating, loving, sad or praying, we do so with flowers in our hands.
Flowers evoke beautiful feelings because they are perfection itself. And the world of flowers – delicate and vibrant, whimsical and extraordinarily beautiful, in textured metal and beautiful amethysts, topaz and citrine. From delicate hues to vibrant colours, from whimsical shapes to classic lines, each piece in the collection expresses the feelings of joy, peace, love and admiration that flowers bring to our lives. Whether it is an elegant necklace that plays with light around the neck or a ring that emphasises femininity and grace, each piece of jewellery in the collection is designed to remind us of the magic that surrounds us in the world of flowers.

Igor Kalita is a Ukrainian jewellery designer now creating in Romania.

My work embodies the majesty and beauty of nature. My passion for nature, its shapes and textures has become the basis for creating unique jewellery that is inspired by the beauty of flowers, the texture of tree bark, leaves, earth and sand. Each piece is an amalgamation of the aesthetics of nature and feminine beauty, designed to emphasize its majesty. It is important for me to do what I love, and creating jewellery brings me not only pleasure, but also the opportunity to convey my admiration and delight in the beauty of the world in each of my creations.