Huberto Široka


Jewellery becomes a means and no longer a form. I change from a maker to a
a storyteller of worlds long forgotten.
All this represents a recycling of my perception of today's world. I tell about
what I feel. Understanding and mastering old skills and modern language,
I try to restore jewellery to its basic genesis.
A time when jewellery protected man from himself and the outside world.
A time when it made sense of the breadth of one's existence.
My work is based on my own insights:
When I Put a Man in Whale....
I whale space....
When I whale space..
I whale man...


The petals are said to symbolically represent pollinators (bees). Connected to form a flower. The leaves have the form of a DNA record, a double helix, which carries and represents the code of life. This means that all living beings have a common origin - WE ARE ALL ONE.

The circle illustrated by the flower symbolizes the earth, inanimate nature. At the same time, the circle represents the connection between living and non-living nature.
So only by living together and respecting living and non-living nature will we be able to see TOMORROW together.

From the beginning, in my workshop, the worlds of jewelry making, silversmithing, medalsmithing, replica making are intertwined ... So that in my workshop I am daily faced with sculpting, silversmithing, enameling, engraving, casting, modelling, workshop ... I can only say for a fact that I live in a fairy tale world where everything is possible. All these fairy tales can be seen in my workshop in Bled, Cesta svobode 19.
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