Reconnect with the ancestral feminine energy that hides inside you. Rediscover your body, its beauty and forces. Embrace its uniqueness and get empowered by it. Get in touch with your roots, spirituality and creative side.

Cucuteni-Trypillia is an Eastern European culture that has lived between 5000 and 2000 BC and which has managed to build the largest human settlements in Europe during the neolithic period.

Historic stated they were a peaceful matriarchal society that believed in female deities. Motherhood and feminine energies were shown to be placed into the centre of the society by the Cucuteni culture.

Through ceramics, various symbols were preserved, indicating the high level of spirituality and advancement that this culture had. The most intriguing discovered artefacts are female figurines made of terracotta. The figurines are believed to have had various purposes: tokens of protection, ritualistic objects, representations of deities, depending on their shape and symbols present on them.

“I wish to bring the symbol of this ancient female figurine back into the present, representing a reminder for you to embrace your feminine side and get empowered by everything that it means to you.”

Andreea Popescu is a 21-year-old emerging jewelry artist from Bucharest, Romania. She graduated from European School of Bucharest with an International Baccalaureate Diploma and now studies Psychology with Education at University of Leeds, UK. During her first year of University, she completed two jewelry courses at Assamblage – Arts and Design Institute.

She participated in various national and international exhibitions with her work: Romanian Jewelry Week , Roma Jewelry Week, Milano Jewelry Week, Sibiu Contemporary Art Festival etc.

She created the brand Equinox in 2021 and has started selling jewelry under this name at the beginning of 2023. Equinox wishes to tell you stories through unique handmade jewelry and invites you to create your own narrative starting from your favourite pieces.

Instagram: _.e.q.u.i.n.o.x._