Drew Baker

I find the ability to make images in glass and metal particularly compelling. The unique ways in which light works with these materials and the relative durability of the product are very appealing. Topics that inform and influence my work include cosmogony, semiotics, archetypes, numbers, language, science, religion, aesthetics, and others.

Drew Baker was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has lived all over the United States—in New Jersey, Arizona, California, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Texas, Illinois and Michigan. Drew is currently residing in Chicago, Illinois, where he teaches metalwork and enameling, fabricates and repairs jewelry, drives ride-share, and makes art. He began metalworking with introductory classes at Houston Community College in 2016 and subsequently continued his education employed at a fine-jewelry casting company in Chicago for a few years. Since then Drew has pursued a self-directed study of metalsmithing, jewelry design and fabrication, and cloisonné enamel works.