Dodo Paruznik

The enormous, mostly unnecessary amount of packaging material is usually thrown away unnoticed and makes our garbage mountain bigger and bigger. The blame is not entirely upon the end consumer as it´s mostly a corporation’s poor choice of shipping material. But we have a choice in how we then act responsibly. Plastic for example is a huge threat for the oceans and the environment. The key is to avoid harmful materials or if they cannot be avoided to recycle them. I don't see any reason to declare everything as useless that lands in the garbage bin. There are so many possibilities to reinvent those things that are thrown away carelessly and create something new and beautiful out of it. I use it for something what people usually see as precious – jewellery.

Because of the influence of artists and goldsmiths in my family, I always felt love and passion for jewellery and design. As a child I always watched my dad making new things out of simple pieces of raw material, and I was fascinated by how he could miraculously produce something precious. My first works and experiences at the goldsmith’s academy and the charming aura of this industry dragged me from there ever more into its magic. Therefore, jewellery design studies were the only logical step I could make to further my development. Since then, I have regularly participated in several international exhibitions like VONMO – This jewellery is 100RMB, Premio Incinque Jewels – Roma Jewellery Week, AmberTrip, Amberif Design Award – Treasure (honorary mention), a jewellery design project – liniert Vienna, The collier – Museum of Applied Arts Vienna and many others. Everything that surrounds me serves as inspiration, but mostly I reconstruct found objects and adapt them with goldsmithing techniques.