Dionidelmare Gioielli

Donidelmare was born from the encounter of the experiences of Emily De Vito and Roberto Coppola. Over the years we have participated in numerous industry exhibitions, including: GIOIELLODENTRO 2014, May 2014, Palakiss, Vicenza, Italy; Memories in a Gem, March 2015, Galleria Samonà, Padua; FiloRosso bijoux 2015/2016, December 2015 selection, Ugo Carà Museum of Modern Art – Muggia, Italy; May 2016, Drat Gallery – Izola, Slovenia; Tribute to Frida Kahlo, April 2016, Palakiss, Vicenza, Italy; Art nouveau, September 2016, Palakiss, Vicenza, Italy; Brooch, January 2017, Palakiss, Vicenza, Italy; 2016 Competition, Wedding Art Gems; February 2017, Galleria Rossini, Milan, Italy; Jewelry for Life, March 2017, Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli, Piacenza, Italy; Redefining jewellery/Redefining things, May 2017, Circuiti Dinamici, Milan, Italy; metaMORPHOZA, February 2018, Fondazione Carigo, Gorica, Italy; Wooden jewellery 2018, March 2018, Drena Castle, Trento, Italy; Jewels of the Soul, July 2018, Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli, Piacenza, Italy; Redefining Jewellery VII, Precious memories/Redefining the past, November 2018, Museo del Bijou, Casalmaggiore, Italy; Wooden jewellery 2019, September 2019, Drena Castle, Trento, Italy; One Gram, September 2021, Plattform Schmuckkunst, Graz, Austria and Redefining Jewellery 2022, October 2022, Museo del Bijou, Casalmaggiore, Italy.
Fragments collected on the beach, residues of past lives, leftovers of dismembered bodies that in their solitude were devoid of hope. We collected them, welcomed them and associated them with something else, giving them back joy and hope.

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