Daša Bačič

The Tiny Universe collection

The Tiny Universe is a small system that operates independently of the larger world around it. It is a self-contained and isolated environment that describes a small physical space that holds significant meaning or complexity – a person.

It represents the orbits of the planets and satellites. Not only that, but it moves and it is alive like us. Each one of us is a huge universe, full of ideas, concepts, inspirations, aspirations, wishes and creativity that should never be suppressed. The Tiny Universe enables a person to become aware of their inner strength.

My name is Daša and I’ve always been surrounded by art. My father is a painter and art teacher, so I knew how to draw from a very early age. I’ve also liked jewellery – wearing and making it. However, I chose a different professional path. I speak 7 languages and became a translator. In 2017, I suffered a heavy brain haemorrhage, after which I had to learn everything anew. It was then I started to make jewellery again.

With my jewellery, I’m trying to show you how easy and fast can we lose everything if we take our health for granted. Nothing lasts forever. It takes a few seconds for an accident to happen but sometimes a decade to recover from it. I also want to show you that with strong willpower and determination, a human being is able to move mountains. I would like to remind you that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves and work hard.

My jewellery is therefore a story of recovery, personal success, overcoming life’s most difficult trials and with its positive story inspires people who are facing difficult situations in life. To me, making jewellery works as therapy, as I improve my fine motor skills with every piece I create. All products are hand-crafted and therefore unique.