Darko Ornik

An expressive ring that reminds us that the appearance, emotions and presence we show on the outside often do not coincide with what is happening "inside" us. It also suggests that our true inner self can only be felt or seen at special moments, when we allow a glimpse through the thin line of our defensive wall.

My name is Darko Ornik, I play several different roles in my life. Among all of them, there is one that is especially close to my heart – the role of a craftsman-artist who wholeheartedly enjoys the process of creating jewelry from wood. My family and I live in a small Slovenian village surrounded by forests and beautiful nature. These surrounding forests are not only a part of my everyday life, but have become a part of me, a part of my identity.

The trees standing peacefully in the forest are much more than just static objects. Each tree is a living being connected by a complex network of roots through which it communicates with other trees and the life around it. The wood of every tree that I use for my jewelry is the bearer of a rich story, the creator of unique patterns and a living tradition. In my creations, I give a leading role to wood, its patterns and textures, which have been shaped by nature over the decades. Every piece of wood I use becomes an indispensable element in this complex narrative that I co-create with nature. The jewelry I make is not just a decoration, I see it as a link between people and nature. Every piece I create is a reminder of the importance of our relationship with the environment. Trees are key players in the ecosystems that feed us and sustain life on Earth. My goal is to convey these messages and the connection with my creation to people and thus make them aware of the importance of protecting forests and nature.

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