Dalija Sega

Bedtime stories in beetle world

For my collection "Bedtime stories in beetle world" I play with the idea of fears and disgust, dreams and thoughts that sometimes keep us awake. Many people have an aversion to insects and have mixed feelings about them. For the jewellery, I put a beetle, called Jewel beetle, in the equal place of the precious stones – moonstone and opal. Its name and its beautiful colour and shine completely captivated me. The texture of the earrings and pendants is an imprint of my dream (dream diary) moulded into the surface of the deer's skull. Both actions, working with the deer skull and working with the beetles evoked different feelings in me, but my message is that we integrate the parts of ourselves that are repulsive, ugly, morbid, the fears that keep us awake, the worries and the darker worlds within us, and by integrating these parts, we create something that has symbolic value and carries beauty along with weight. This is my way of creating a totem out of trauma. From fears and pain, I create an object of power and beauty for myself.

Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe. In 2000 I graduated from the Jože Plečnik Secondary school and in the same year I enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts and Design – Sculpture, with professor Jože Barši, where I am currently involved in connecting sculpture and jewellery design. Apart from my work in jewellery design, I also worked several years for the Restoration Centre in Ljubljana. Among my numerous other activities are the cooperation with the Slovenian Jewellery Design Society (DONS) and the renowned Slovenian fashion designer Mateja Benedetti. I was also featured in the first Slovenian fashion handbook "Obleka – kaj, kdaj, kako" (Dress – what, when, how), which was written by the fashion consultant Lea Pisani.

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