Dalija Sega

Four Elements Collection

The collection consists of a necklace, a bracelet and two rings.
The necklace represents the earth. The necklace is made of silver with an earth texture. The necklace also features a frog, which is an amphibian that connects earth and water. The other part of the necklace is made of deer horns and rudilite stone.
The bracelet represents water and is made of silver, with a chrysoprase stone.
The fire element is made of silver, copper, rough diamond and citrine. It is set in a composition on an iron plate with fire opals, rubies, garnets, citrines, sapphires. The whole composition represents fire with its flames and sparks.
The fourth piece of jewellery is moved through the photograph rather than as a physical piece of jewellery. It symbolises air. The photograph shows a silver ring in the shape of a raven with a star sapphire.

Dalija Sega approaches and creates contemporary jewellery design through the eyes of a sculptor. Each piece is a miniature sculptural one-of-a-kind piece, created in silver or gold. She uses enamel in her design, as well as precious and semi-precious stones. She draws her ideas mainly from nature to highlight the beauty that is sometimes hidden from us. Her works have organic shapes, some of them a little rough, but their true beauty is revealed in the details. They demand closeness and interest from the owner or the viewer, who can always discover a new story in them. All her jewellery is her personal confession and narrative, and is therefore for anyone who wants to listen.