Cziko Valentina

Allan Pease defined this behavior as best learned by women. Hope men are agreeing with this, as they have their feminine side as well. Seducing, hesitant, melancholic, passionate, dignified, cute, sensuous, daring ... and all this without precise words. Femineity is never static, not even when asleep. Brancusi synthesized this through his creation: Miss Pogany, Principessa X, Muse asleep. All these works inspired conceiving this year's collection, called “Body language”, expressing feminine sensuality in all its splendor, absolute charm for all around it. It possesses the charming attraction, radiating from inside, communicating, alluring.

Cziko Valentina is the contemporary jewelry designer who creates out of passion for metals
and precious stones, who gives life to metal. She is touched by everything that inspires her,
creating unique pieces or collections in small series. For the event Slovenian Jewelry Week 2024 she created a new series from the Body Language collection, under the theme of the event