Kaolin jewellery collection

The conscious starting point for Kaolin jewellery collection were the materials chosen for its making, porcelain and metal. We wanted to give them a voice – just by looking at the objects you can feel the fragility of the porcelain and the tension and strength of the metal structure. We joined this two primordial, strong and even opposite materials, metal and porcelain, so different in structure, finish and appearance, to highlight and enrich each other.

Contemporia is one of the first creative studios dedicated to contemporary jewellery in Romania, established in 2014 by Ioana Streza and Alex Burlacu. The team is composed of 5 members with backgrounds in the fields of visual arts and architecture who are involved in both the creative and the manufacturing processes. Contemporia jewellery pieces are being made in the studio`s own workshop in small series or as unique pieces, combining traditional crafts, primarily metalsmithing, with contemporary techniques and technologies. They experiment with less conventional materials such as wood, plastic, ceramics, textile.