Cleopatra Cosulet

t e r r a r i u m
Similar and yet so different, we’re all recipients of Soul, carrying it during our lifetime, enriching it, sharing it. Human nature is being shaped by everything around, and its response touches the surroundings, changing them, in a recurring evolutionary process. We’re part of everything, both actors and viewers of the great show of life. Preserving it in all its forms must become a conscious goal, for we need nature to continue our trip further to future.

Following her call for contemporary expression through jewellery, Romanian artist Cleopatra Cosulet attended Assamblage-Contemporary Jewellery School Bucharest and Krama Institute Athens courses and workshops; also, Ruudt Peters’s “Soul Now” workshop in Ravenstein, Holland. Her collections were showcased in exhibitions organised by Assamblage (Bucharest, Romania), Galerie Biro (Munich, Germany), Tincal Lab (Porto, Portugal), Autor Platform (Bucharest, Romania) and international jewellery fairs such as Author Bucharest, JOYA Barcelona and SIERAAD Amsterdam. Each piece is a concrete expression of a wandering thought and they're milestones in personal search of self.