Chok Shin Ni

With roots in Greek mythology, the aegis (aigis) originally referred to a goatskin or breastplate that conferred supernatural physical protection on its wearer.
Humans have always striven for stability and safety. We instinctively seek physical, emotional, economic and social protections to calm our existential fears and insecurities.
Having these protections, which are our modern-day goatskins/breastplates, elicits the psychological and physiological responses of calmness and ease, and allows us to lead lives with meaning, agency and potential.
This collection is a study of the effects of the aegis on the human psyche. The artworks depict the primal and abstract human needs of safety and security as tactile, ornamental, protective shields.


2017–18: Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School (Florence, IT).
2015: Traditional Metalsmithing, Jewellery Design and Management International School (SG).
2002–2005: BA Sociology, National University of Singapore (SG).


2024: The Space Between, group exhibition by Precious Collective, Munich Jewellery Week (Munich DE), Ferrous Festival (Hereford, UK)
2023: What Not? Group exhibition by Plattform Schmuckkunst (Graz, AT)
2023: Annual exhibition by Sculpture Society (SG)
2022: Annual exhibition by Sculpture Society (SG)
2022: Sightseeing Sculpture: The Sky, The Land & The Sea – Shoebox Sculpture Biennale by Sculpture 2052 (SG)
2018: JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery and Objects exhibition (Barcelona, ES)
2018: Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School graduation exhibition (Florence, IT)