Camilla Mileto

Memory and fragments, memories and relationships. Fragments that are facts, sensations and feelings. Relationships that are experiences, unions and traumas. Human beings build their memory based on fragments and relationships between them. And on the memory of a past built by relationships between fragments of lived, imagined, and felt events, it builds its present and projects its future. The material and technique are ancestral, the colour is surreal, the fragments and relationships are remains and discards recycled from other disassembled objects that build something new. The sensation is of fragility and lightness like the memory of the human being that lasts a breath and is easily broken.

Camilla Mileto is an architect (IUAV – Universitá di Venezia, Italy), Master in Architectural Conservation and PhD at the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia (Spain), where she is full professor in Architectural Conservation. She works on architectural conservation with a special interest in traditional techniques. She has published several books and articles on this topic. Her interest in contemporary jewellery is born from the interaction of handcrafted techniques and design, as well as the search for forms, textures and processes of materializing the idea. She tries to translate into jewellery her personal interests like architecture, heritage, cultural landscape, feminism, etc.