CORVUS studio jewellery and objects (Ludmila Novikova)

Nowadays, many people tend to think of jewellery as of items made of metal and gemstones. But a
closer look shows that jewellers have always used a great variety of materials in their creations: from
wood and ivory to textiles, glass and, in the more recent times, synthetic materials. With my Fusion line, I
aspired to honour this age-old tradition of combining metals with other media. Fusion is a merging of
diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole – and that is precisely what I have strived to
accomplish. Not merely to combine and make materials merge physically, but to really fuse them into a
coherent whole in terms of aesthetic unity.

Writing this piece of text set me thinking: if CV stands for the Latin curriculum vitae, or ‘course of life’, what meaningful is there to be said about mine? Should I simply list facts? Such as, I was born and raised in Moscow, have a degree in journalism, and started an entirely new career at 34? That I am an apprentice and this is my first exhibition ever? Or should I name the techniques I've learned and the people who taught and inspired me? Then I thought of the notion expressed at various times by Stephen Fry, Oscar Wilde, and Buckminster
Fuller – the notion of people being verbs rather than nouns. The action, the ‘doing’ is what best describes the reality of our existence in this world. So, what is it I do? Well, I create objects by hand. I try to make sense of and tame the material world through manipulating different mediums, mainly metal. I come up with and execute ideas, improvise, create meanings and learn to see without thinking the seen. I play with structures and forms, cut, grind, bend, forge, file, and polish. I try to coax out the beauty of the material at hand and through this process I connect with other people. It is utterly amazing; and that is the ‘course of life’ I would very much like to follow.