Bojana Kovačič Zemljič -E2RD


is a unique silk collection of jewellery and men's decorative silk handkerchief ,
wrapped in the veil of originality and mystical perfection that nature bestow upon us.
The special line is made from raw silk cocoons and from silk thread extracted from these very
cocoons and is being developed within the framework of a scientific research project on
sustainable sericulture in collaboration with the Institute of Silk and Sericulture.
With the urban silkworm experiment and the exhibition "ISS_RLB Laboratory: silkworms &
silkworm farming", we showcased the development cycle of 10,000 silkworms in the E2RD
Gallery - from eggs hatching to cocooning and the unique two-dimensional weaving of artistic
sculptures - opening up a new "out of the box" view of sericulture on a broader European scale.
The collection carries the certificate "Private standard issued by ISS_RLB, proving that the raw
silk and silk products were produced in Slovenia".
The Venus lace earrings and the Venus Boy men's decorative handkerchief are particularly eye-
catching. Both products are made from hand-spun silk thread and carry the certificate of special
significance of Slovenian cultural heritage - the geographical indication "Idrijska lace".


The exciting shape of the Venera earring exudes delicacy at first glance, and the selected materials
and craftsmanship empower her "curves" with an even greater meaning.
Venus' production technique is hand-hooked Idrija lace - a centuries-old Slovenian cultural
heritage, which, with the subtle interweaving of thousands of threads, is brought closer to
contemporary urban Venus, which retains its authentic, antique and "green" character.
The Venus silk lace earrings are made from hand-spun silk thread (by Maja Botolin Vaupotič)
joined from 115 raw cocoons.
Venus Boy, men's decorative silk handkerchief.
The unique Venus Boy silk handkerchief is a special treat for men's suits. It is woven (by Alenka
Rupnik) from hand-spun silk thread, its edge is carefully embroidered with a Venus, Idria lace.
The Venus Boy, silk handkerchief is made from hand-spun silk thread joined from 155 raw

Bojana Kovačič Zemljič, author of the jewellery brand E2RD, is a member of the Designers Society of Slovenia and an active associate of the Association for connecting female experts and promoting knowledge She Knows (Ona Ve). She loves experimenting and creating playfully-energetic, rebellious ideas, which reach above the seasonal trends, providing us with sustainable and everlasting genuine fashion, underlined with her personal style. She expresses herself through many stories with unique energy and original approach, combining different art compositions and color combinations of different materials and technologies – 3D print, acrylic glass, metals, crystals, leather, silk thread etc. At the moment, she is intensively developing a lace design made from natural and sustainable materials. Her creativity is not restricted only to design; she is active in other fields of culture as well, she organizes a variety of social events and art exhibitions in E2RD, where an atelier meets an art gallery. Her collaborations are not only limited to Slovenian artists, but they also reach beyond our country’s borders, broadening Slovenian culture with the influence of the world. Her latest works include the gold collection E2RD GoLD, representing Slovenia in the Dubai Expo 2o22.
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