Barbara Nardoni

Jewellery symbolises and visualises trapped pain and its transformation. Pain, which can be the result of both a physical injury and a deep psychological wound, is captured in unique jewellery shapes that resemble shackles. The sharp red teeth that seemingly dig into the skin represent the intensity of the pain. When the jewellery is put on, a surprising transformation takes place. The expected pain is transformed into an embrace of tenderness and softness. This transformation symbolises a loving and gentle approach to dealing with pain, bringing relief and comfort. The collection consists of a ring, a bracelet and a necklace. Each piece is supported by a copper base, which metaphysically represents the flow of energy, thus facilitating the transformation of pain. The red teeth are made of wool felt, which ensures stability of form while bringing a feeling of softness and warmth.

Barbara Nardoni is a designer who brings the spiritual world into the material world of jewellery with great subtlety. After graduating in industrial design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, she worked for two decades in the fields of graphic design, industrial design and interior design, and trained in art pedagogy. In 2016, she combined her knowledge and experience under her own brand Barbara Nardoni Jewellery, which reflects a strong energy of intuition and a symbolic and deeply meaningful content. Her pieces are often dedicated to a specific person, reflecting the materialisation of intuitive perceptions received in higher states of consciousness and are in direct connection with the wearer of the jewellery. Barbara's work combines classical and contemporary goldsmithing techniques, which she adapts and explores according to the purpose and story of each piece of jewellery. Her creations are inspiring, full of wisdom and tell stories in which each individual can find themselves. Barbara's jewellery is not just an aesthetic object, but a bridge between the material and the metaphysical, between the designer and the wearer, between the story and its symbolic expression.