Asteroid Mosaics - Magdalena Julia Bajer

A unique project that combines two vital aspects of Silesia: nature and legacy.
Nature is symbolised by carbon. Carbon, the element originated in Carbon, the era over 300 million years ago, yet it still has magnificent impact on the Silesia region nowadays. It is there where geological processes developed the "black gift" for Upper Silesia. Due to carbon, Silesia is perceived as industrial, dark and sooty.

Black glass symbolizing carbon is used in this upcyckling project. The shards of old silesian Asteroid glass come from the local Zabkowice glasswork, that does not exist anymore, yet its legacy remains.
My goal was that even the shards of this unique glass should be given a second life. Even shards - because that's all, what was left after a significant part of my collection was accidentally destroyed. A unique life. The Astroid mosaics enclosed in a traditional handmade jewelry silver frame are my tribute to excellent design, the artistry of goldsmithing, the value of family traditions, the history of Polish pressed glass and passion. A passion for collecting and creating.

The Asteroid collection of pressed glass was designed at the Ząbkowice Economic Glassworks in Dąbrowa Górnicza by Jan Sylwester Drost in 1972-1975, and the production started in 1975. The design itself is an original arrangement of glass convex dots forming an irregular and asymmetrical pattern on the surface of the plate. Asteroid is an icon of Polish design. The design revolutionized the approach to pressed glass as a typical glass type, emphasizing its phenomenal aesthetic and decorative qualities.
No two Asteroid pendants are the same, just as no two lumps of coal are the same.

Magdalena Julia Bajer – collector of works by Polish glass designers from HSG Ząbkowice, mainly by Eryka Trzewik-Drost and Jan Sylwester Drost. She has been professionally involved in jewelry for years. She created the Asteroid Mosaics jewelry collection consisting of glass shards from HSG Ząbkowice. In her project she combines contemporary design with classical glass to save cultural heritage. Asteroid Mosaics jewelry has so far been shown at two exhibitions in Poland: the YES Gallery in Poznan, and the Art Gallery in Legnica.