Åsa Lockner

I work on the assumption that my jewellery is out there in the world being used, and as such is changing, transforming eventually into something beyond recognition. My work has no rights or protections and my choice of material reflects this impermanence. Silver, agates, wood, plastic, oxidation, heat-stained metal. All of these things will react to the actions of the wearer. An allegory perhaps, for our relationship with the world in which we live and the environment we depend upon. My work is informed by nature, a nature with no rights or protection, that cracks and reacts and submits to our agency in this turbulent moment that is now. The point through which an increasingly bleak future must flow before becoming the past where everything seemed so much simpler.

Åsa Lockner (born in 1973) has been active both as a practicing artist/craftsman and as curator, as operating manager of Konsthantverkarna in Stockholm, Scandinavia’s largest and oldest craft co-operative and as project leader in the field of the crafts since 1999.
1997–1999 MFA (Master of Fine Arts), Institute for Metal Design, Konstfack, Stockholm
1994–97 BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts), Institute for Metal Design, Konstfack, Stockholm

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2023 Volatile landscape, Gallery Sebastian Schildt, Stockholm; Thinking Out Loud, VERK, Stockholm
2022 “If things continue like this, then I don’t know what to do”, Hälleforsnäs Art gallery
2018 “BEFORE/AFTER”, Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm
2016 “Body Armor”, Livrustkammaren, Stockholm
2009 “Views of Order”, Gallery Platina, Stockholm