Arijana Gadžijev


The LUmini jewellery collection goes back to nature, to bioluminescence – the emission of light by living beings. The magic of this biological uniqueness evokes pleasant feelings of wonder and admiration for the mastery of nature, while opening up a world of its complexity. It also reminds us of the fragility of the living world, which is hurtling towards another human-induced extinction at great speed. The transformation of the energy of living beings draws a range of luminous images that were the inspiration for the patterns, hand-printed with luminescent pigment that glows in the dark when previously exposed to light. Complementary stitched and crocheted elements in luminescent thread make up the complete collection for body and space, which is handmade. The jewellery is light and soft, made of white recycled polyester fabric made from plastic bottles. It consists of a necklace and brooches which, in addition to being worn on the body, can be placed in the interior as stand-alone spatial elements. The collection is dedicated to my late father, a great lover of nature and a dedicated doctor.

Photo: Jaka Ceglar,  Photo assistant: Črt Ceglar

Arijana Gadžijev is a Master of Arts, freelance designer and assistant professor at Chair of Textile and Clothing Design, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana. Since her studies, she has been presenting her work in solo and group exhibitions, as well as in art and design projects at home and abroad. She has received national and international awards and prizes for many of her works. In 2021, she received the international BigSEE Product Design Award 2021 for her textile jewellery collection Slovanka. Her textile jewellery collections have been exhibited at Milan Jewellery Week 2022, Slovenian Jewellery Week 2022 and 2023, Romanian Jewellery Week 2023, New York Jewellery Week 2023 (in video form), a photographic jewellery exhibition at the KCDA Invited International Exhibition in Canada in Vancouver in August 2023, and in galleries in European cities (Enschede, Madrid, Neuchâtel, Salamanca, Athens, Porto, Rome and Paris) in 2022-2024, as part of the international curated project "On the move, jewels". She is a member of Klimt02, an international platform for contemporary art jewellery. She has been designing textile jewellery for body and space since 2019.