Anže Mrak

My starting point for jewellery was the theme of this year's Slovenian Jewellery Week. I was thinking about what kind of jewellery would attract a person to touch, to squeeze. At the end of my research, I landed on a simple idea that focuses on the touch of a softness. At the same time, I wanted the final image of the jewellery to be closely tied to the person who will wear it. I separated the jewellery into two parts. The main part, which focuses most on the Sensation theme of this year's Jewellery Week, is a soft cladding made of PE foil. I have developed a technique of joining the plastic film with the help of a laser. In the engraving process, the laser melts two layers of PE film and fuses them together. I used this technique to make a pocket which I filled with filler. The second part that secures the cushion to the body is a 3D printed frame with a closure system. The frame is printed in PLA plastic.

My name is Anže Mrak. I am a graduate of Textile and Clothing Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. During my studies I developed an interest in new technologies such as 3D printing and working with lasers. I participated in LJFW 2020 with an exhibition of my graduation collection, in the AR workshop at “Svetlobna gverila”; in 2021 I created AR filters with Neža Knez, which were presented in Ljubljana, and my 3D printed jewellery (under the mentorship of Prof. Karin Košak) was exhibited at the FormaViva symposium in 2021. In 2023 I participated in the Slovenian Jewellery Week and won the award for the best young designer. I am currently working at Trong, a company that deals with 3D visualisations of clothing and other digital solutions. I am also part of the Young Horn programme and my project was carried out with their support.