Anže Mrak

The jewelry comes from the theme of video games and science fiction fashion accessories combined with sportswear. My idea comes from the accessories adding to the wearer's physical prowess, like in the video game Death Stranding, which is the starting point for a large part of my master's thesis. The first step of production is visualization in the Blender software, then there is a plan for laser cutting made in Adobe Illustrator, and after cutting, certain elements are curved with the help of an industrial hair dryer. Finally, I add straps to attach to the body and screw the cut pieces together. The finished products are foldable pieces that are attached to the body with the help of adjustable straps, but at the same time they can also be attached to clothing from the collection. The pieces include a bracelet, a breastplate and a leg brace. Regardless of the fact that the pieces are not classically qualified as jewelry (ring, necklace, bracelet), I consider them body jewelry because they decorate the body and do not add any function.

Anže Mrak is a student at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences. He started the studies of textile and clothing design in 2017. In 2020 he received his bachelor’s degree in textile and clothing design and is currently working on his master’s thesis. Focusing the development of collections and projects on 3D digital design, he is currently employed at Tronog, which focuses on 3D visualisation and digital solutions.

In the year 2019 he was a part of the team styling the fashion show for the Faculty of Natural sciences at Ljubljana Fashion Week, and in the year 2020 he had his own exhibition, displaying his bachelor’s collection. With his Little Black Dress, he won the second prize at the Little Black Dress competition hosted by ELLE Slovenia. With Neža Knez, he developed an AR filter for the 2021 Light Guerilla festival in Ljubljana. He was a part of the Forma Viva jewelry exhibition in Kostanjevica (open door exhibition), where he exhibited 3D printed jewelry.

Digital visualisations of clothing and accessories are a main focus of his work. Mostly he takes inspiration from science fiction and elements of UI/UX design.