Anna Paparella

Anna Paparella was born in Bari in 1971. She worked for about ten years in the office, but decided to get rid of her desk and dedicate herself to jewellery, in which shapes, colours and materials were the cornerstone. The fundamental phases of his life were all marked by the inevitable presence of crochet. In different jewellery the use of crochet is mixed with other techniques of processing. Since 2012 she has been constantly dedicated to the creation of jewellery, constantly evolving in her style and ideas. In 2016 he patented, at the C.C. in Bari, a project that involves the crochet of x-ray plates, NMR and TAC. She is constantly evolving in the search for materials to reuse and place in ways other than primary nature. She participates in national and international competitions and exhibitions of jewellery.

We always thought there were five senses, each of us develops different senses according to his own predisposition. There are senses that go beyond material sensitivity. Feeling good with a jewel is something inexplicable, unique. Carrying a jewel is the propagation of yourself. https://