Anna Liu

I was born in a small city in China. When I was younger, I thought there was nothing special about this small town located on the outskirts of the Sichuan Basin – a city of stairs and slopes. Waking up to scenes of mountains that stretched for miles left a clear image in my mind, often sparking nostalgia for happy times with my family. Mountains had become an emotional trigger for me. To me, jewellery serves as a reminder to remember. Perhaps I will forget the way back home, but the mountains will always be there waiting. Maybe your mountain is different from mine, but we all have somewhere to belong.

Anna Liu, a young jewellery designer, holds a BFA from Temple University's Tyler School of Art and a MA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Anna's passion for the process of creation and experimentation has been a driving force in her career. Intrigued by intricate textures and visual nuances of materials, she draws constant inspiration from her surroundings. To Anna, jewellery is not merely an accessory; it's a vessel of memory, a tangible reminder etched in metal. Like the mountains, once a silent witness to her youth, have become an enduring emotional trigger. Each piece she creates is a homage to those scenes that woke her every morning, a testament to the happiness embedded in those slopes. As she forges these pieces, Anna uses her work to invite others to embark on a journey of remembrance. Jewellery, to her, is a conduit to recall the essence of home. As the path back home may fade with time, the jewellery endures—a steadfast reminder, patiently awaiting a return.