Anita Sonc


The "Votlo" collection is inspired by the feelings that come easily when wearing jewellery. Each piece of jewellery is handmade and shaped to perfectly fit the body and enhance its most beautiful features. It is designed to make individuals feel comfortable, relaxed and confident while wearing a piece of jewellery of extreme proportions. Its hollowness makes it wearable, comfortable and, above all, extravagant. The collection is made up of pieces interwoven with different textures and crystals. With each wearing of a piece of jewellery, the bond between the jewellery and the wearer is strengthened, who feels different sensations such as lightness, brilliance and incredible strength. The "Votlo" collection represents a unique way in which jewellery can connect with the feelings we experience when we wear it, becoming an expression of art that delights and enchants.

I'm Anita Sonc from Kostanjevica na Krki and my work focuses on designing jewellery with dimensions that exceed expectations. Creating pieces that stand out from the crowd is my design vision and allows me to create artistic pieces that are unpredictable and exude a strong individuality. Each piece of jewellery is meticulously hand crafted with passion and precision in metals such as silver and gold. I am inspired by everyday life, nature, art and cultures around the world. My approach to design is bold, creative and without constraints, allowing me to create pieces that shock, inspire and express the unique personality of individuals who embrace their authenticity and express themselves fearlessly.        I believe that jewellery is not just decoration, but also an expression of art.