Andreia Gabriela Popescu

You can associate a colour with a sound, a shape, a taste or a smell. If you see colours you are surrounded of sensations. I chose yellow, violet, viva magenta, red and purple because these colours inspire the Iris flower. Is one of the messengers of spring. It is the symbol of the freedom of light. In ancient Egypt it was the symbol of strength and eloquence, and in Greek mythology IRIS is the messenger of the gods, it is the rainbow, the link between Earth and Heaven, between gods and people. This is the synesthetic power of colours, blending our human senses to describe emotions, sounds, fillings or sensations. Colours are the simplest tools we have at our disposal to enhance our positive emotions and nurture our well-being, and their effects can manifest instantly.

Andreia Gabriela Popescu is a teacher, designer and jewellery manufacturer who creates unique and sophisticated contemporary pieces since 2010, having multiple award-winning collections at prestigious international jewellery exhibitions and competitions. Her jewellery stands out through daring volumes and innovative surface finishes, offering one's body an atypical jewellery wearability. In her work she uses platinum, gold, silver, gems, next to unconventional materials such as resin and Corian. Her artworks are exhibited in Decorative Art Museums both, in her country and abroad. And last year she was The Award-winner of Artistar Jewels 2022 Grand Prize. As a senior contemporary jewellery lecturer, Andreia curates and organizes her students' exhibitions in international jewellery competitions.