Andreia Gabriela Popescu

SPECTRUM Collection

They are all around us and influence us almost without realizing it. We perceive the colors by looking at them, and then they penetrate our hearts. Colors intertwine with emotions and influence our reason and behavior. They influence us mentally, physically and emotionally. The moment we focus on colors, we begin to understand what we are feeling. And by focusing on what we feel, we can get to know each other better. There are small sculptures in which the stone positioned in the palm transforms its wearer into a receiver but also a transmitter of the healing color.

Andreia Gabriela Popescu is a teacher, designer and jewelry manufacturer who creates unique and sophisticated contemporary pieces since 2010, having multiple award-winning collections at prestigios international jewelry exhibitions and competitions. Her jewelry stands out through daring volumes and innovative surface finishes, offering one's body an atypical jewelry wearability. In her work she uses platinum, gold, silver, gems and semiprecious stones, next to unconventional materials such as resin.