Anastasia Koutsampela - Lefflow


The inspiration for this collection was the ¨wheat¨. Τhe nature, the labor of the earth and the fruit production are concepts inherent in the instinct of survival, and this is what I am dealing with. The wheat represents for me an ancient fruit / symbol of human survival, which in the Greek tradition of my homeland was connected with the great feast of “Theros”, the ritual and the customs of the harvest. I have images of its threshing, its scent, its colors, its taste and its smell up to the harvest, strongly imprinted in my memory from my land of origin the Thessalian plain. Also, in ancient Greek religion the precious wheat had its goddess Dimitra, who gave people the fruits of the earth. I approached and designed the shape of the wheat and finally the whole composition, in abstract forms, to clearly refer to the fruit, but not to try to resemble it by a naturalistic way.

Natasa Koutsampela studied law at the Democritus University of Thrace, but never gave up her natural talent for painting and fine arts. She has attended workshops under the artists, Papiotis Athanasios (1987), Xristakis Giannis (1995-1996) and Maravas Lazaros (2003-2004).
She lives and works in the town of Larissa, (central Greece).
Since 2011 she began to deal and experiment with the design and manufacture of jewelry as a kind of creative expression.

She also attended courses in goldsmithing.
Goldsmith seminars (2011 – 2012) - Municipality of Larissa, Design and modern techiniques of handmade jewelry (2013 -2014-2015) - Municipality of Volos - Institute of Vocational Training in applied Arts,
Wax courses for creating jewelry (2015) Mokume Art Studies of jewelry,
On line jewelry design seminar 3D modeling (2021) – Anamma art jewelry school-Athens/Greece.

In 2018, with her partner Marianthi Katsika, they founded “LEFFLOW ART STUDIO”, a contemporary art and jewelry workshop, where they work, move forward and express themselves through art, promote their work within the country and abroad.

For her every action is interwoven with the meaning, the deeper content and the time management that we have as living beings. With every collection of jewelry, she tries to approach and attribute the meaning of time through our actions, such as motion-inertia, evolution, human contact, contact with nature and the primordial instinct of preservation and survival.

She creates jewelry from silver, bronze, gold and upcycle materials, acrylic colors and enamel.
Also since 2018 is membership of jewelry platform “A Jewel Made in Greece”.

She has been awarded (2nd prize), by A Jewel Made in Greece competition category Solid Metals.

She has also participated in many group exhibitions, some of which include: Annual designers meeting 2019 & 2020 - A Jewel Made In Greece / Zappeio palace, Athens, Greece. Who’s Next, Paris, France, Jan. 2019. Exhibition Π3/ Coordinator Cheaparat-Anticlastics-Ozon at Athens International jewelry Show 2019 / March 2019. Milan Design Week Milan with Artistar jewels Milan Italy, April 2019. Exhibition "Fruits and Symbols" at the Nomismatic Museum, Athens, Greece (2019). Collectiva Meeting 2019 – Porto Portugal. New York City jewelry Week / Museum of Arts and Design / Nov. 2019. Exhibition “Fruits & Symbols” at the Greek Pavilion at China International imports Expo 2019/ Shanghai. Exhibition with AJMIG at the Hellas house in Shanghai (2019). Participation at Romanian jewelry week (1th edition) Sept.2020 Participation at Romanian jewelry week (2th edition) Sept.2021