Aleš Hočevar

A Roman bangle cuff bracelet inspired by ancient Roman mythology.

The snake was a commonly used motive in jewelry design, as it was believed to bring protection, growth, fertility and health to the person who wears it. Garnet was also believed to have powerful healing properties and that could protect the wearer from harm. One of the ancient Roman jewelries techniques was granulation which was commonly used in earrings, and bangles.

- Material silver 925/000
- Gilded
- Garnet
- Cubic zirconia (CZ)

Aleš Hočevar first encountered jewelry design and making at the Waldorf Gymnasium. After graduating from high school in 2008, he continued his education at the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Media, where he trained as a goldsmith, while also attending the Institute and Academy of Multimedia, majoring in graphic design. After completing his studies, he decided that he wanted to further his knowledge of design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. During his studies and afterwards he participated in many exhibitions and competitions around Slovenia. He is now working on making unique and bespoke jewelry. He often combines different materials such as precious metals and gems and materials* such as wood, glass, leather, etc.

He often keeps symmetry in his designs and the lines are mainly clean and geometric. In the manufacture of jewelry, he combines traditional goldsmithing techniques with the most modern techniques and approaches used in the jewelry industry today.