ARTENTIA (Maria Garcia)

This work is a journey into the world of Shibari, the ancient Japanese art of knots and ropes. Our artistic project is a profound celebration of sensations, emotions and connections. Through the meticulous art of rope bondage, we delve into the intricate tapestry of human relationships. Each carefully crafted knot, the friction of the rope, the pressure, symbolise the connections we forge with one another, intertwining threads of passion, vulnerability, and intimacy. We explore the delicate balance between control and surrender, strength and vulnerability. Embark on this artistic endeavour with us and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Shibari, where the beauty, sensations and intricacy of emotions come to life.

Artistic Jewellery Design and manufacture Postgraduate studies at EASD Valencia.
Exchange student at Hochschule Trier – Idar – Oberstein (Gemstones and Jewellery).

The space between,2023–2024, London (UK), Munich (DE), Hereford (UK)
Brazil Jewellery week, 2023 (Brazil)
Generació Brillant, 20 anys de Joieria contemporània, 2022
I Encuentro internacional de joyería contemporánea, 2021, Backyard art Gallery
Museo Nacional de la cerámica, 2021, “Connexions”, Valencia, Castellón (ES)
Istanbul Jewellery week, 2020 (TR)
Joyas Today, 2019, Fabrika12
Off Joya Barcelona, 2019, “Claus 019”, Valencia, San Sebastián, Barcelona (ES)
Alliages Gallery, 2019, “Precieux” (FR)
Intramurs 2018, “En Construcción” (ES)
Bienal Melting point, 2018 (ES)
La botiga des joves joiers, Valencia, 2017, 2018 (ES)