Xinyi Chen EÈ CHAN

The head adornment is designed for the future generation that wanders the physical and digital worlds. Nowadays, the young generation is labeled as ‘Genaration Me’. However, they seek a harmonious community with a sense of belonging, multi-culture, and a sustainable lifestyle.

Spreading optimism with re-cycling e-waste components, colors, digital spirituality into these charming, bold headpieces. Using found object and recycled metal as units to form a symmetry spiral shape representing not only future gemstones—'artificial intelligems', but also as a symbol of identity. A vehicle for our personalities, digital footprints on social media and everywhere else in our phygital community. The headpieces show a new way of living in digital awe and pleasure that hopes people could return to this earth’s reality from the virtual, rethinking what it means to live in this rapidly changing world and reflect upon the essentials of who they are.

Xinyi Chen is a Chinese designer maker based and practicing in London. She gained a BA in Art design in China, specializing in jewellery and silversmith and went on to obtain an MA Jewellery Design from Central Saint Martins. Since 2016 Xinyi Chen has been experimenting with and redefining the use of electronic components as the gemstone to make jewellery. She received awards such as 2022 by the Bright Young Gems as Sustainable Eco-Heroes, London, United Kingdom, and shortlist 2023 Talente Masters of the Future, Munich, Germany. Her work can be seen in group exhibitions, publications, as well as in Art Jewellery Week in UK, China, and Europe, such as Retail Jeweller, AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair, London Design Festival, Munich Jewellery Week, and in US, such as NYC Jewellery Week.