Ursula Rihtar

The Textures of nature

The jewelry collection is an exploration of the intricate details of nature up close. It reveals a world hidden from us until we slow down and observe every detail. The gentleness of a bloom, the beautiful root structure of a majestic tree, the mineral structure of a rock, and the ever-changing shape of water.

The pieces are crafted in silver with gold details and contrasting gemstones that create a striking contrast to the textures of the metalwork. The textures are a result of observing the rhythm of nature's patterns, which have been translated into jewelry using a language that evokes the beauty and fragility of nature.

The jewelry is designed to be in symbiosis with the human body, highlighting the natural beauty of both. The fluid lines and organic shapes of the jewelry complement the curves of the body, creating a stunning and harmonious effect.

Ursula Rihtar was born in Ljubljana, where she later attended the Secondary School of Design and Photography. She graduated in Unique Design from ALOU in 2013 and received her Master's degree in Industrial Design in 2016. While studying, she did an internship with goldsmith and silversmith Christoph Steidl Porenta. In 2015 she did an internship with Lara Bohinc in London. In April 2022, she opened her studio at 18 Trubarjeva Street, Ljubljana.

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