is a collection of carefully designed jewellery which improves your ability to tolerate stress using its sensory properties. It is designed as a personal reminder to help you ground yourself in the present moment for greater balance and a calm mind. Each piece of jewellery comes with a guided mindfulness meditation, which will teach you how to use the piece in order to find your own calm.

Balancing its sculptural aesthetics and strong sensory appeal with sustainable design and materials, this silver collection is the perfect choice for those in search of serenity. Invite peace and balance into your day by engaging your senses; gently explore and bring compassionate awareness to these unique pieces of jewellery.

All Kalma jewellery is designed and made to last using sustainable and ethical methods and materials.

urskas˙ is a design studio and a jewellery brand founded in 2019 by Urska Sadar.

Inspiration for urskas˙ design comes from Sadar’s background as an architect and fashion designer. Her designs are playful, exploring human scale and intended to evoke senses, often including sound and movement as essential part of the experience. These tactile and delicate modern amulets encourage one’s self-empowerment, wellness and confidence. All jewellery is designed and made using sustainable techniques and materials.

Sadar works on various commissioned product and interior design projects. She worked with many private clients on bespoke commissions as well as with many different international practices.