Tanja Rojc

A Sense of Transformation is a collection consisting of three pieces of jewelry where each piece carries a story of transformation based on nature, life, society and emotions that are intertwined in them. The basic inspiration is linked to the periods of "les années folles" and "art nouveau" in my own interpretation on social era and personal life choices closely linked to emotions.

The DNA pendant can be worn in two ways: closed, where the metal partially covers the enamel, or open, where the lines are clearly visible with the enamel in the lower part of the pendant. It is made of 925 silver with enamel applied to copper.
It represents life itself, the possibilities of choice, discovering what is hidden.

The Transformation necklace allows for at least four different wearing positions, where a system of guides inside the central pendant offers the possibility to move and lock at a certain length. It is made of 925 sterling silver, with enamel on copper set into the central pendant.
It offers the possibility of tailoring the story we want to reveal in a given moment.

The brooch Flower Emotions is made of 925 sterling silver on which is set enamel in the "plique à jour" technique within 950 sterling silver and a red jasper stone. It represents nature, strength and fragility which are interlaced in the life force that guides us every day.

I'm a marketing communicator and a jewelry designer with working experience in public relations and project management. Between 2006 and 2012 I worked as public relation consultant to Alpina Company, Design Studio Mazzini and others in Slovenia. My journey took me to Brussels, where I graduated from the Institut Jeanne Toussaint, Jewellery Design study programme (Bijouterie-Joaillerie, Émail, Fonte Injectée) where I won awards for the best student in the modelling and enamel programme (Reconnaissance pour la meilleure étudiante en programme modelage approfondie, 2017 et en programme d'émail, 2016). In 2018 I also won the MAD award for my jewellery creations, (Prix MAD - Brussels fashion and design platform - lookbook).

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about design and creation. The material that comes to life between my fingers in its uniqueness: forged, transformed and independent, anchored in its own existence. I work with a variety of materials, exploring their limits and possibilities through different techniques. Enamel remains my passion, where metal comes alive in shades of colour that intertwine to communicate its unique story. I am inspired to create multi-functional jewellery that combine emotions, relationships, historical moments and nature with its vast phenomena.
I currently live and work in Brussels, where I create TannaRea jewelry and run creative workshops for adults and children.

Parcours des artistes, Saint-Gilles, 2018, 2020, 2022
Au-delà de Barriere, 2021
Brussels Craft Days #1 2018; #2 2019
De la pierre au bijou, Mont de Piété, 2018
Slovenian insects as jewelry and decoration 2016 (Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Brussels)