Petja Berginc - Petjana

Ambisonta Collection

The Ambisont collection continues the story that is the basic concept of the Petjana brand, hand-forged brass jewelry. I got my inspiration from jewelry in the Iron Age. Metal products from this period have a charm for me, perhaps also because I come from Posočje, the era where the Iron Age Celtic people, also called Ambisonti, lived. All the products from that time are special to me because in each one, you can feel the work of the hands and thus, despite their robust production, they express warmth through their organic shape.

All components of Petjan's jewelry are simple with the basic elements of a spiral. The wire structure, which is forged into a square, adds extra depth to the jewelry. This gives the brass a primary and lively forging structure, and the surfaces add sharpness to the jewelry. In the Ambisonta collection, unlike the rest of the jewelry, which is based on symmetry and quite closed elements, I wanted to present my view of Posočje nature and life in it then and now. I experience the Soča Valley as varied and dynamic in its lush nature, with its playful and mighty Soča River. The central element of the new collection is still the characteristic forged spiral, reminiscent of the jewelry of the Celtic people, but the composition of the elements is more playful, and the design is airier and more asymmetrical. These pieces of jewelry seek a balance between different elements, just like the life of the Ambisons then and now.

Semi-precious stones in the form of beads are added to the brass. I always look for faceted beads, as this continues the story of rougher structures, while at the same time faces on sparkling stones add a certain sophistication to the jewelry. For the Ambisont collection, I chose moonstone, apatite stone, and tiger's eye stone. All the stones are only partially translucent because I do not want the stone to look too light next to the forged brass. They all have a non-uniform structure of veins and spots, which work playfully and richly. The golden color of the brass with the white moonstone comes to life more sophisticatedly, the tiger's eye stone emphasizes its power even more, and the green-blue apatite takes us back to the Ambisont valley with its color.

My name is Petja Berginc, I come from a little village named Drežnica in Posočje, but I recently moved to Ajdovščina. I was born on 10. 12. 1987 in Šempeter near Nova Gorica.

I loved designing with my hands since I was a little girl. I was always full of ideas. As I loved to sew, I decided on a vocational school so that I could become a tailor. After that, I knew I wanted to learn to work with other materials, so I continued my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, majoring in restoration.

After I finished my study, I mainly worked as an independent entrepreneur on various restoration projects. I was still designing and sewing. I made a couple of costume collections to which I added wire, wood, and copper sheet next to fabric. I participated in the 17th OIDFA World Congress in Ljubljana. Later, I started working with jewelry, first with leather earrings, next with ceramic cast jewelry gilded with gold leaf, and then I finally met brass.

Metal has always had a special power for me, especially brass, both its aesthetic and its practical utility. That is how I started making jewelry from brass. Although it is not a precious metal, it is the metal with the most beautiful charm to me.