Peter Dragolič

Jade, more specifically nephrite, is synonymous with the evergreen, natural, energy that nature gives us and with which it complements and heals us. If we look closely at this greenness of our nature, we see many tiny things, animate and inanimate, intertwined or interconnected. Out of all this grows perfection in every possible colour, shape and smell. When the smells disappear, the colours change, and then the shapes, the flowers wither. And yet it is still beautiful. And eternal. Earrings illustrate the constant cycle that happens around us but which we are too little aware of. Jade, or green, is deliberately chosen precisely because it heals us, makes us complete, calms us, cheers us up.

After finishing the Secondary School of Goldsmithing in Celje, I chose the goldsmith workshop of the renowned master in the craft, Tomislav Loboda in Ljubljana, to improve my profession. After more than ten years, I decided to introduce myself to the market with my own name and that it was time to go my own way. After a few years, I gained the title of Master Goldsmith through additional studies, and this motivated me to go abroad. During a few years of working in a prestigious jewellery workshop, I gained additional knowledge and training in gemstone cutting, which is closely linked to the knowledge of gemstones. After almost five years it was time to return to the jewellery studio Juvelirij in Centrum Rog in Ljubljana, where I share the workshop with two other designers.