Mima Pejoska


The ‘Juxtapositioning’ collection was created in 2019 as a search for the perfect balance between materials and techniques that have seemingly contrasting qualities. The aim was to find this thin line where polarities such as chaos-order, contemporary-tradition and line-solid, are becoming Complimentary to one another. This collection led to the 'Multiverse' new line of works. The idea of the existence of the Multiverse fascinates me. The multiverse is a concept that is based on a hypothetical idea — that multiple universes exist simultaneously, each of which is composed of the same elements that make up our own world. Each parallel world is the same in many respects, but a new world/universe is formed every time someone makes a choice that deviates from a certain trajectory. It’s not that the various worlds in the multiverse exist separately or are identical, but they are all birthed in connection to a previous world. It also continues growing, like a tree and its branches, linked together by its roots. ‘Multiverse’ is a body of work that will explore and question our present world/universe and its possible connections with the other ‘universes’. Without having doubts and regrets about the past, the decisions made and the turns taken - I wonder what our parallel universes look like. How and what we are in them; what separates us and what connects us to them. What versions of ourselves exist out there? I want to bring this seemingly intangible idea to my workbench and translate it into something tactile. Something wearable. Stainless steel crochet, silver filigree or a raw metal plate turned into an object ready to be worn. By placing these diverse materials and processes together, I think about Connections and Possibilities between these ‘universes’. Within our world, to our unconscious and conscious being, to each-other. Maybe we are constantly in touch and nearby our ‘other’ realities, and possibly the Alternate Me is always around us. On the workbench, it will be comparing the worlds of each structure by thinking of the “life” the metal had before it was crafted. Are the filigree, crochet and metal plate different versions of the same existence? – description of artworks The collection proposed for the exhibition will be based on primarily 2 techniques and 2 materials. The Fine Silver Filigree and Stainless Steel Crochet, with the addition of metal plate. The metal is different, the technique is different ((filigree is done by soldering and the crochet is done by repetitive hand movement with knots), and the final look is also not the same. Different and in ways contrasting, but still I feel and sense them as very close and compatible. Almost as if they were once part of one ‘being’ and evolved in their own styles, Universes. Maybe even both started at the same Alpha-verse (the original first Universe). I find the wirework, both in Crochet and in Filigree to be perfect for representation of the idea of the infinite number of trajectories in our lives.
By bringing them together as compatible and complementary - I propose to present designs that are my view of the Multiverse with many of its own parallel universes.

Education: 2013 - MFA in Jewelry and Object at Savannah College of Art and Design. Savannah, GA - 2011 - Degree in Design Thinking Methodology, at the HPI School of Design Thinking, Berlin, Germany - 2007 - BA degree in Ethnology and Anthropology at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia - 2006 - Specialization for jewelry techniques at IRIGEM Rosà, Italy - 2005 - Intensive course in 'Theoretical and practical knowledge in filigree technique'. Aid to Artisans. Skopje, Macedonia Awards and Honors: 2013 - Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in the field of Contemporary Jewelry awarded by SCAD. Savannah, GA - Dean’s Fellowship Award by SCAD, Savannah, GA - Fulbright Scholarship, awarded by Institute for International Education - Honorable Mention at Annual Scholarship Competition – SCAD. Savannah, GA Work experience: - 2017 - 2022 - Senior Design Lead, Quality Assurance and Project Management – CustomMade Inc. - 2019 - 4 month Jewelry residency at Design Incubator Loupe, Hong Kong - 2016 - Co-founder and lecturer at ‘Generation for Innovation’ – creative team that offers trainings in the methodology of Design Thinking - 2015 – 2016 - Co-founder and coordinator of 'DesignTataMata' – creative team that focuses on stimulating innovation through games and trainings - 2015 – 2017- Author and coordinator of 'The Stories of the Three Wanderers' - an international open-ended art project - 2014 - Fabricate - artistic and cultural project for mapping traditional and contemporary textile crafts - 2014 - ongoing - Freelance Concept Designer and 3D Modeling - 2012 - Assistant for processing new materials at Biba Schutz Jewelry Studio, New York City, New York - 2011 -2015 - Co-designer for Meriken Metals jewelry studio, Chicago, IL - 2007 – ongoing - Individual Jewelry Artist Solo Exhibitions: - 2013, May - 'The Sensibles'- interactive show of floating jewelry. Savannah, GA - 2010, January - Exhibition of filigree jewelry in Barceloneta. Barcelona, Spain Group Exhibitions and Events: 2022 - Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2019 - Shunde Jewellery Fair - November, Shunde, China - Hong Kong International Jewellery Fair with Loupe - design incubation space - Weave group exhibition in Loupe Gallery. Collaboration with textile designer Elaine Ng. Hong Kong. 2018 - Slowscapes - Group design exhibition. Skopje, Macedonia 2016 - Pop-up exhibition at art gallery El Greko. Skopje, Macedonia - Small Works – exhibition at SCAD. Savannah, GA 2015 - Deconstructing Tradition – SKP Pop-up Store. Bern. Switzerland 2014 - Prvo pa Zensko - cultural event organized by Tiiiit! Inc. Skopje, Macedonia 2013 - Pop-up Designer Store – organized by Kapka & Ludus. Skopje, Macedonia - Yodex - International Young Designers Exhibition. Taipei, Taiwan - Smithsonian Craft Show, Washington DC - Far Away from Home – exhibition. Savannah, GA - Current - exhibition of jewelry and objects at SCAD. Savannah, GA - 4th Annual Jewelry and Objects Scholarship Competition - SCAD. Savannah, GA 2012 - Small Works – exhibition at SCAD. Savannah, GA - Far Away from Home - exhibition, Savannah, GA - Participation in discussion panel, SCAD. Savannah, GA - American Craft Council - craft show. Atlanta, GA - 3rd Annual Juried Scholarship Competition, SCAD. Savannah, GA - Radical Rubbish - juried exhibition at SCAD. Savannah, GA 2011 - Existing Achievements - home and fashion designs organized by Public Room. Skopje, Macedonia - Mikser - art festival. Belgrade, Serbia 2010 - Art in Miniature - exhibition as a part of the cultural festival White Night. Skopje, Macedonia - 35th International Fair of Arts and Crafts. Jerusalem, Israel 2009 - Exhibition and presentation of filigree jewelry technique, organized by the Honorary Consulate. Eupen, Belgium - Take Away Fashion - fashion exhibition, part of the cultural festival White Night in Skopje, Macedonia - XIV Edition of the Biennial of young artist from Europe and the Mediterranean. Skopje, Macedonia 2007 - Pop-up Design Shop - organized by Ludus – concept store. Skopje, Macedonia 2005 - First Jewelry Symposium- organized by Mersin University. Mersin, Turkey - Exhibition of handmade filigree jewelry. Skopje, Macedonia