Metka Mikuletič - Mimotho

The Orion Nebula ring

is a tribute to life. It is a symbol of new beginnings. It floats on the hand as part of a colourful universe, reflecting in gold all the beauty of the wearer and of what surrounds him. Conceptually, it is based on the Orion constellation, as the shape of the hand-forged parts of the ring follows the basic position of the stars, and in the added stones, through a kaleidoscope of colours, a new infinity can be discovered again and again.

Techtonic cufflinks

are designed as a self-supporting structure following the principle of the bar bridge. So, they stand on their own and function both ways for wearing. Made as a monolith of white gold, decorated with black diamonds on the central part and on the side faces.

What makes both collector's pieces special is that Netis has created special NFT tokens for them, which provide prospective buyers with information on authorship, materials, processes and certificates.

Metka Mikuletič is a Slovenian architect who graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana in 2016, under the supervision of Prof. Miloš Florijančič, and will complete her Master's degree in 2020. During and after her studies, she worked on various architectural projects and later as an independent architect in the field of renovation and design of interior design and applied objects. She has always been interested in expressing herself through different media; not only through basic architectural building blocks, but also through words, images and metals. She made her first piece of jewelry - architecture in small pieces - from scrap metal in her father's workshop, continued with aluminium and brass, and gradually moved on to gold. Since autumn 2019, she has been studying goldsmithing, first as a student of the Mengeš Goldsmith School, under the mentorship of David Kramaric and Tina Mežek, and later independently. Currently, she works as a jewelry designer and maker under the brand Mimotho, which is closely related to architecture in concept, design and execution.