Mengtong Yu

The chopstick ring is crafted from a blend of sterling silver and fine silver and resembles a baby-designed chopstick. It is because my grandparents were the ones who taught me how to use chopsticks, and they cooked the most delicious food in the world. They are the reason behind my deep love for food. The intricate filigree design on the chopstick holds sentimental value for me as my grandparents used to work with filigree, and it is also a cherished memory from my childhood. I made this jewelry piece as a tribute to them.

The brooch that I have created is made entirely from sterling silver. The brooch is crafted in the shape of open cubes, each of which is connected with a hinge. The cubes vary in size, allowing them to be folded together to create a unique and dynamic visual effect. The design of this brooch was inspired by the concept of transforming and how it can be used to create complex structures from simple geometric shape. The use of hinges in each cube allows for movement and flexibility, creating an interactive and tactile experience for the wearer.

Mengtong was born in Beijing, China, and based on Savannah, US. She went to Wuhan for her bachelor’s degree in Gemology and material technology in 2015. During her study in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), she found good interest in Jewelry, and wanted to learn more about art and design. Therefore, she started her new journey in Savannah College of Art and Design for MFA degree in Jewelry design.
In her works, she was inspired by her childhood memories with grandparents, who worked in Beijing Filigree Inlay Factory. To resonate those moments, she uses filigree as her main techniques. Using silver as a main material to keep the strong relationship between her grandparents and herself.