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This collection tells the history of coal like a fairy tale. Once upon a time, Slovenia was a wild, wet forest. It was a magical world filled with wildlife. No man ever stepped inside. New trees grew and old ones lay to rest. In this magical world, trees didn’t die - they transformed into a stone named coal. Nowadays, the artist digs it out and lets these 20-million-year-old trees see the sunlight again. The brand name KUOLMi is taken from KUOLM a local name for coal. The natural coal of Slovenia will share a memory of Slovenia no matter where you go. KUOLMi jewelry is handmade by an internationally known local artist Marjeta Hribar. She picks, cuts, and designs every single piece by hand. Coal jewelry KUOLMi is made from stainless steel, copper, silver, and hard coal. Each item is unique. Wearing KUOLMi, you wear a piece of rock that already existed 20 million years ago! Her slogan is: "wear it, don't burn it" which promotes ecological note with every piece of jewelry.

Internationally known artist Marjeta Hribar is an award winner of the international Leonardo da Vinci Award in the category of the universal artist from Milano - Italy and winner of the International Prize Pegasus for the Arts, Venice. Among many other things, the designer is well known for designing a crown for Miss Slovenia, contributing to the awarding of nominees at the Grammy Awards Academy Awards, and Oscars, designing the heart of Prometheus - statue in Trbovlje, Slovenia, working with MISS New York, working with Alpina company, designer of medals for European Women's Handball Championship.

Her work promotes coal in a new way- an ecological and inspirational view into the future. Marjeta Hribar is promoting Slovenian heritage in new, creative ways all over the globe.
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