Madalina Radulea

Madalina is a graduate of University of Architecture in Bucharest, with courses at Istituto Europeo de Design in Milan and Institute Marangoni in Paris. She was first introduced to modern jewelry at Assamblage Jewelery School in Bucharest in 2013. Every piece is designed and hand-crafted in Bucharest and the casting is done in a local studio. Every piece is either small series, or unique. The works are inspired by visual art, rich materials, extreme adornments, organic and raw forms and shaped with a minimalist aesthetic. Deeply inspired by nature and organic elements around us, Madalina likes to create organic, perfectly imperfect jewelry with textures and shapes that evoke a deep sense of humanity. In capturing the inspiration and turning it into jewelry, the crafting process involves more organic and natural shapes. ‘I like to tell a story with each product, making pieces that start a conversation.’