Katja and Nataša Skušek


Katja and Nataša Skušek are the creative forces behind the series "Umami," where they merge the art of traditional jewelry making with innovative upcycling techniques. They add value to ordinary objects, giving them new life and purpose.

Their work is inspired by the art of "šnerkel" - a handcrafted style of jewelry making that creates unique decorative curves. This craft has been in their family for over fifty years, and "šnerkel" has become a distinctive symbol in their logo.

In addition to jewelry, Katja and Nataša also explore the culinary arts and table settings in their artistic endeavors. Their passion for aesthetics and sustainability shines through in the series "Umami," where they seamlessly blend art and functionality to create something truly unique and meaningful.

The Skušek family's craft dates back to 1967, and its activity has always been based on
handcrafted production of gold and silver jewelry. Over the years, they have gained rich experience
and professional improvements, enriching the goldsmith tradition with an artistic approach.

Nataša Skušek studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she
graduated in 2002 and obtained her master's degree three years later. During her studies, she also honed her skills at the Academy in Trondheim, Norway. She received the Prešeren Award for students and has exhibited her work at numerous international and solo exhibitions.

Katja Skušek has been involved in the artistic project "Pri Zlatem Stegnu" (At the Golden Thigh)
since 2004, together with Nataša Skušek. "Pri Zlatem Stegnu" represents a complete spatial
installation with videos, objects, light objects, photo collages, and performances, exploring issues related to food, food preparation, and eating habits. She has also been involved in designing gold and silver jewelry for many years.